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    Running - How can I tell if oracle text has been installed in my database?


      How can I tell if oracle text has been installed and whether it has been installed correctly?

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          Barbara Boehmer

          This post actually belongs in the Oracle Text forum:  @Text


          You can check the dba_registry, as shown below.  I believe in different versions, it may show as CTX or CONTEXT or ORACLE TEXT or some such thing in upper or mixed case.  The following output is from 12c.



          SCOTT@orcl> COLUMN comp_name FORMAT A35 WORD_WRAPPED
          SCOTT@orcl> COLUMN status    FORMAT A11
          SCOTT@orcl> SELECT comp_id, comp_name, status FROM dba_registry ORDER BY comp_id
            2  /
          COMP_ID                        COMP_NAME                          STATUS
          ------------------------------ ----------------------------------- -----------
          APEX                          Oracle Application Express          VALID
          APS                            OLAP Analytic Workspace            VALID
          CATALOG                        Oracle Database Catalog Views      VALID
          CATJAVA                        Oracle Database Java Packages      VALID
          CATPROC                        Oracle Database Packages and Types  VALID
          CONTEXT                        Oracle Text                        VALID
          DV                            Oracle Database Vault              VALID
          JAVAVM                        JServer JAVA Virtual Machine        VALID
          OLS                            Oracle Label Security              VALID
          ORDIM                          Oracle Multimedia                  VALID
          OWM                            Oracle Workspace Manager            VALID
          RAC                            Oracle Real Application Clusters    OPTION OFF
          SDO                            Spatial                            VALID
          XDB                            Oracle XML Database                VALID
          XML                            Oracle XDK                          VALID
          XOQ                            Oracle OLAP API                    VALID
          16 rows selected.