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    Peoplesoft Connection error

    Antonio R.

      I have an Initialization error in FDMEE when I link to my PeopleSoft context, I have confirmed that my DATA SERVER connection in FDMEE is correct, I have provided privileges to the appropriate tables as listed in the Admin Guide, I have a physical schema associated with my DATA SERVER and its context. The error I get is on step 7 according to the ODI Studio. It reads:

      7- p_ps_sql_db_type_fin fails after 1 attempt(s)

      Task_p_ps_sql_db_type_fin(variable) fails on the target connection PSFT_DATA_SERVER

      ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


      My DB support team is asking for the querie that fails, but I only have in the source code a simple SELECT CASE


      Blah, blah blah.


      Support has tried multiple schemas including Admin Read Only, but the error persist. I am at a lost can anyone throw me a bone?

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          Dayalan Punniyamoorthy

          I am sure you might have seen this doc, Initialization of Peoplesoft ERP Source System With FDMEE Fails With "ODI-1228" Error (Doc ID 1675952.1). But want to double check the following, as normally this error narrows down to access issues.

          • With the user provided to you by the DBA, can you connect to SQL developer and browse the needed tables and views?
          • Even if you don't have access to a single table/view you will encounter this issue.
          • Have you used the same user under the Physical Schema under the Work Schema?


          Dayalan P.

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            Antonio R.


                          I have access to SQL Developer and I can connect with the user ID and PWD provided, as it turns out when I run a SELECT statement without the SYSADM schema as a prefix I get the 0942 error, I have explained this to the DB team, but they insist the user provided has all admin read only privileges. I am not a DB administrator so not certain where they need to make the changes, they are asking me to change the queries in ODI, but I want to use out of the box functionality. Is this related to the synonyms not being properly set? Any directions will be greatly appreciated. I can then pass them along to the DB team.

            Thanks for your help

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              Dayalan Punniyamoorthy

              I get this from DBA often . Looks like you need to have the synonyms in place. We cannot change the code in FDMEE/ODI (we don't know how many parts it will touch and it be a nightmare). Try to convince them for creating the synonyms (i had a similar experience in the past and after creating the synonyms, it worked like charm. But that was for Oracle EBS with a non admin access).




              All the best,

              Dayalan P.