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    Receiving "IO ERROR: Got minus one from a read call" when connecting to DB

    K Brown

      We have 2 databases running on the RAC cluster rac-clust.  One (rac2db) is a 2 node RAC running on db1 and db2 and is admin-managed.  The second (rac1db) is a single-node RAC running on db2 and is also admin-managed.  Both databases are identical with the exception of the number of utilized nodes.  I am able to successfully connect to rac2db from our 4.0.3 SQL*Developer installation with the following credentials:

      HOST: db2

      PORT: 1521


      * Connect


      When I use the same credentials, but change the SID to match the single node installation, I get the IO ERROR.... error

      HOST: db2

      PORT: 1521


      *IO ERROR: Got minus one from a read call  Vendor code 17002.


      I have checked all of our sqlnet.ora files and have verified that none of them have TCP.VALIDNODE_CHECKING set.


      Using TNSNAMES.ORA, I am able to connect remotely to both of these databases.  The server that is running SQL*Developer does not have a tnsnames.ora installation, though, so we must use the basic connect string to connect.  I tried using the jdbc connection URL and received the same results as the basic connect.


      Please let me know if additional information is needed.