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    ODBC error: Drilling at day level.

    Chandra kanth

      Hi All,


      I am facing an error while drilling at day level. RPD have the following time dimension. The following is the drill path

      Gregorian Quarter (varchar) -> Gregorian Month Start Date  (TimeStamp)  -> Day (TimeStamp)




      When i clink on month start date (i.e 1/10/2016) it's displaying data.

      Below screen shot is for month start date link (1/10/2016).



      It's displaying data at Day level.




      But when i clink on for the month start date 1/11/2016 (see the above screen shot)

      It's throwing odbc error.



      I am unable to trace the problem. Please advice me how to get it solved. When i drill down from month to day it's taking long time to display data, how to improve performance of this report.



      Chandra kanth.