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    Obiee score values in decimals


      Hi friends,


      Im building a scorecard and in my case i have like below


      Assume in our example we have a top node with below seven child nodes like


      Parent A has the child B,C,D,E,F,G,H

      And the child values are B=6, C=0, D=25, E=50, F=100, G=0, H=25

      If I sum all the values (6+0+25+50+100+0+25)=206/7=>29.42 is the value. So ultimately my parent A should have the score of 29.42 but in our case we are getting only 29 as a round value for the parent score A and it is not showing 29.42 with decimal points as a full value.


      How to make the score to show the value with decimal places.


      Thanks in advance.