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    create user in 11.5.10



      in documentation (System Administrator’s Guide - Security) it is said :



      1. Log in as a user with a role granting you access to the User Management

      responsibility, select the User Management responsibility in the navigator and click

      the Users subtab.

      2. Search for the person for whom you wish to create an account and then click the

      Create Account icon next to the person’s name if the account does not already

      exist. Your search will only generate results for the subset of users that you are

      eligible to manage.

      3. Enter or modify the required information and click the Submit button.


      Then the person should already exist in E-Business. We can not create account if person does not exist.

      Where and how this person have been created.

      I mean,

      before creating account we have to create person.

      How to create person ?