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    images on different server




      i have lot of images on the other server with product ID


      my requirement is if i select product ID in report, corresponding Product ID image should be displayed From other server.


      ANyone suggest me how can i handle this scenario.


      i would want to login into other server using service account instead of my obiee login ID, because other server will have only access to that service account instead of access for all users.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          The idea of having pictures with a naming standard that you can easily build the link to display it is fine.

          What is that thing about "service account"? Do you mean that the server hosting the pictures require a login to display them? Because in that case you can't really do miracles ....

          It of course depends on what kind of security it exactly his ...

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            Yes, servers hosting pictures requires login to display them. on that server only one account(service acct) has access to that..


            we have obiee specific security implemented in obiee for all users.


            all users in obiee need to see those pictures from orher server based on service acct log in on to other server.


            any siggestions how can we handle this?

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              Gianni Ceresa

              What kind of authentication is used on the picture server?

              In the end your problem is that! Find out how you can automatically authenticate on the picture server so you can just display them ....