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    Is it mandatory to have logical views for all custom tables post adop enablement in R12.2 ?


      Hi team,

      We have upgraded our ebiz environment from to R12.2.5 successfully. As a part of adop enablement, we registered our custom schemas using below script ADZDREG.sql which takes care of below three steps.


      sqlplus apps/apps @$AD_TOP/patch/115/sql/ADZDREG.sql <system paswd> apps <custom schema name>

           1. Registers a custom schema with E-business Suite  system.fnd_oracle_userid .

           2. Creates APPS_DDL and APPS_DDL_ARRAY packages in custom schema.

           3. Enables custom schema for Editions

      I have below two questions.

      1) We observed that editioning view does not exist for all custom tables.Is it ok?  or is it mandatory to have editioning view for all tables ?? do we have to manually upgrade the tables which does not have editioning view ?

      2) Is it required to run "exec AD_ZD_PREP.ENABLE_CUSTOM_USER('<custom schema>'); " . I don't think so , since custom schema is already getting enabled for editioning using ADZDREG.sql