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    Oracle EBS 11i single node to multi node cloning with 2 DMZ nodes


      I want to clone from my prod multi node source to multi node destination. My Source PROD is having 5 application nodes. 2 DMZ nodes, 1 concurrent, 2 web and forms nodes.

      For this i have done all steps i.e. running adpreclone on db and apps (only on 1 application server one of the web and forms node) .

      then we copied the database hotbackup backup, oracle home and appl,comn and ora from one of the web and forms node from source to target.


      On target side also we have 5 application nodes - 2 DMZ nodes, 1 concurrent, 2 web and forms nodes. Also we need to do DMZ setup on 2 nodes as servers are new.


      Here I want to know steps to configure 5 application nodes? should i run adcfgclone appsTier on 5 nodes and only on DMZ nodes 1 step extra i need to do is running addnode.

      So on each node i have to make sure only necessary services will be enabled.


      Also want to know the importance of running adaddnode in DMZ. and how it differs from configuring application adcfgclone appsTier?


      Please guide.