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    503 - Service Unavailable - APEX_LISTENER account keeps locking


      Hi All,


      I have an ongoing issue where the CSS and static files are not being picked up within our applications. I have attempted to reconfigure multiple times and after recommendations from another forum have enables ORDS Error logging;


      Caused by: oracle.dbtools.common.jdbc.ConnectionPoolException: The pool named: apex_al is not correctly configured, error: ORA-28000: the account is locked


      I believe this points to it being an issue with the APEX_LISTENER account; I have used the apex_rest_config.sql script (after already running java -jar ords.war) to set the password and immediately after that has completed I have tried to log into SQL PLUS with the APEX_LISTENER user and the password I have just set - I get a invalid username/password combo error. I have ensured to use the same passwords throughout.


      When I first log into APEX and then use the RESTful data Services - the listener account locks again.


      We are using APEX: and ORDS - 12.1.3, Apache tomcat.

      Does anybody have a suggestion to what this could be - I have run through every forum/discussion I can find but point me in the direction of any that could help.



      I have just set the APEX_LISTENER BY ALTER USER APEX_LISTENER IDENTIFIED BY <PASSWORD>;  - I then retried the Employees 'GET' Method under SQL Workshop>RESTful services and was given the error;


      Caused by: oracle.dbtools.common.jdbc.ConnectionPoolException: The pool named: apex_rt is not correctly configured, error: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


      It seems there is definitely a configuration issue but after following the Oracle documentation 4 times to reconfigure/redeploy I'm not sure where to go - Is there anyway to glean some further information?


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