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    "JSP Interoperable with OA" for the Function Type - command to open in new window/tab?


      I have created an fnd_function that will allow one to open a non-Oracle EBS web page from our Oracle instance's iSupplier Portal - Supplier Profile Manager responsibility.  Below is the basic recipe I am leveraging from José Ignacio.  How can I launch the new URL into a new window or a new tab, so that my EBS iSupplier Portal page remains open?  We are using EBS R12.2.5.  Thanks!




      You can try the following, and if it works for you then modify the example to meet your needs.


      1. Go to the $OA_HTML directory and create a new file with name oracle.htm


      2. Open the file and copy into it the following, and save




                      <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL=http://www.oracle.com">





      3. Login as System Administrator


      4. Go to System Administrator > Application > Function


      5. Define a new function:


      - Function: XXLINK_ORACLE

      - User Function Name: xxlink_oracle

      - Description: external link to oracle website


      - In Properties tab choose "JSP Interoperable with OA" for the Function Type


      - In Web HTML tab, for "HTML Call" enter the name of the file (i.e. oracle.htm)


      - Save


      6. Go to System Administrator > Application > Menu


      7. Query for the "Navigator Menu - System Administrator GUI" User Menu Name


      8. Add a new menu item:


      - Enter a new Seq at the end

      - Prompt: Oracle website

      - Function: xxlink_oracle


      - Save


      A new Request ID will be submitted to generate the new menu items.


      9. Logout and login to the Applications and check if the menu option routes to the external link



      ~ Accessing external links from forms menu (Note 959812.1)


      I hope this helps!


      Kind regards,

      José Ignacio