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    Location integration options


      Hi There,

      We are using the integration Option 1 to store email id's, which we are reading and using them to send the email. Using them as recipient's email.


      Now the issue is that it only accepts some 95 characters. so i can only store some 4-5 email address. How to store more email addresses? Can this field can be increased. I assume no since it is defined in tpovpartition.


      Thanks, AJ

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          It could only be increased by modifying the underlying data model (which I'm not suggesting you do). Why don't you just utilise Integration Option2, 3 & 4 to store additional emails or better still create an email group with all the recipients you require in your email system and mail to that, keeping the management of email addressess in that system 

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            Yes, we do have workarounds for this issue. Probably we will put the email id's in a file and read from there.

            Thanks, Aj

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              Francisco Amores

              I would create a dummy location for maintaining email addresses.


              You can use any of the dimension mapping tables. For example:


              SOURCE            TARGET

              -------------            ------------


              LOCA                 email1

              LOCA                 email2

              LOCB                 email3


              It's better for maintenance. Then you can easily build the to_addresses by querying the mapping table through the script.