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    Total of column




      I have column (eg:Sales), which is not aggregated in the rpd and should not be aggregated. It is just shown across a dimension column. But i have requirement where i have to do a total of the column across a static text. (like sales : 5000). when i am using sum over it for aggregation i am getting junk values. is there any way i can get the column total.




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          In the rpd go with 2 columns 1 for Sales which goes to dimension and other one is for sum(sales) which is for Facts in Presentation


          in the report use accordingly

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            Umm do you want the total sales in a row of your table? or a column or your table? dont understand well your requirement.


            1. However, if you want a calculation in a row:


            -Please edit your view and in the View you could and set up you "Aggregation Rule"




            2. However, if you want a calculation TOTAL in a Colum:

            Create a column in your criteria section, and apply this formula: "sum( YouMeasure by "Sales")

            Hope this help.

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