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    Different price on invoice billing




      we're buying Steel coils from supplier and running into many issues on the AP side. They are invoicing us with the quantity in "pounds" but the price in "hundred weight". This is causing AP issues when matching the invoice to the PO. The workaround is that the invoices are manually marked up accounting to match our PO then resubmitted and matched to the PO. Ideally we want to eliminate this manual effort to streamline the process.  Due to internal audit they cant change the price of PO.

      Do you have any suggestion, to handle the situation of the dual price? 

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          J Reinhart

          Can you use ERS (evaluated receipt settlement)?   The PO would have the price and units.  After the coils are received, you run a process and it creates the AP invoice for you.   The generated invoice would have the unit of measure and unit price from the PO.  You send it to the supplier instead of waiting for them to send one to you and matching it.    It simplifies things a lot, and also generally makes invoicing faster since a lot of keying is eliminated.   If the PO has one unit of measure and you receive in another unit of measure, Oracle should use the unit of measure conversion tables automatically.