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    13 business units in one project or not in Fusion.


      Dear Consultants

        I have a project where some cables company has their head quarters and 14 branches in the same country and 1 branch in a different country that also considered a separate entity but under the same enterprise and has it's own inventories as well. And they all need their payable and receivables and fixed assets as well as their POs to be separated by each branch.


        Moreover, some of their branches don't make PRs and some make PRs but never POs so we thought about making BUs with specific business functions and have a relation between them. So me and the financial consultant agreed that we should have the following:

      1- 14 business units for each branch all under the same ledger.

      2- 1 business unit which is under the same enterprise but with a different ledger.


      So my questions are:

      1- Are we thinking the right way?

      2- When creating an implementation project, should I create an implementation project for each BU?

      3- How is the consolidation going to be done if we decided to make the BU in one country do the purchasing for the one business unit in the other country?

      4- What is the difference between me creating an item organization and a master item organization?


      Please let me know what you think and waiting for your precious feedback.


      Note: I am using Oracle Fusion.