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    How to upload RTF File into BIP Report

    Raghu Nagadasari

      Hi Friends,


        My Client given me a RTF template file for seeded OBIEE Report and we need to show existing OBIEE Report data through that RTF File.


      I have created BIP Data model using OBI Analysis as source and chosen one existing OBI report.

      Then changed the column names as database/RTF File columns as shown below.

      Below is my RTF File format.

      Then selected Get xml output..

      Then Run --> Save as Sample Data


      Saved the report.

      Then created report with "Use Existing Data Model" --> select report --> Next


      selected first option Guide Me --> Next


      Selected all the columns --> Next


      selected "View Report" --> Fininsh -->Saved.


      Opened the report from catalogs then --> Add New Layout

      Then uploaded clients given RTF file like below and saved again.


      BUt, if you see below there is NO data showing into RTF File.. its showing just empty.


      If we see Default window, then we can see data like general obiee reports.


      Please suggest me where i m missing to matching this obiee report with RTF File.


      Thanks in Advance. your help is really appreciate here..



      Raghu N