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    Gmail and Oracle Alerts


      Hello Oracle Experts,


      We recently switched from exchange to gmail. I have created a few periodic oracle alerts (were there prior to gmail). The alerts are firing emails to users but not all generated alerts are being received. For example, the alert has an action log (on the history form) of 120 lines/messages. However, I BCC myself on the alert to monitor and I only received 90 of the emails. I verified with users that 30 users also did not receive the email alert. In addition, the users were able to receive the notification (the same alert runs three days in a row) the next day. So, this leads me to believe that it is not isolated to the specific user setup.


      Is there a way to check to see if Oracle generated all 120 (besides in the history form/table) and 'sent' them to gmail or track to find out why gmail did not receive the other 30 alerts? The gmail administrator working with us said that gmail never received the messages from Oracle as they were not in error, etc to do anything further.


      I did check the alr tables but didn't see anything that would help my beyond the history.


      Any help is appreciated!


      Note we are on 12.1.3.