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    Filter function not restricting values for the Dimension...


      Requirement is like,

      I have I am using 3 dimensions..




      (3). ‘test’ column that contains values like ab, bc, cd and dc.

      I have created a fact column for the test is like, count(“test”) as test_1 in the RPD.


      Sum %Not Usable= ( ab + bc )/( cd  + dc ).

      As per formula I have created the following formula like,

      (FILTER( “test_1” USING (test = 'ab'))+ (FILTER( “test_1” USING (test = 'bc')) / (FILTER( “test_1” USING (test = 'cd'))+ (FILTER( “test_1” USING (test = 'dc')))

      But it is not restricting data it is showing all the values or garbage value in the calculated column.



      Can anyone tell me how I should restrict the data as per the dimension value?

      Or is other any other solution for the same?