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    Performance issues - OBIEE 12c


      Good afternoon,


      I was just checking if anyone has noticed slowness of OBIEE 12c. For instance, on a new dual E5 xenon 16Gb server , the default setup (SampleApp) is very slow. After going through the tuning guide and fixing recommended items, such as Heap Size, ThreadPool etc. - I'm still not happy about performance - 11g feels a lot snappier. Not sure if this is result of page bloat. The RCU db is on the same box (12c).  


      Here're the things which are very slow:


      Clicking Dashboard link - takes awhile

      Navigating to any dashboard - seeing a lot of spinning clocks

      Queries show as taking 10-30%  compared with raw DB time


      Just wanted to see if anyone else experienced something similar!


      Thank you!