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    Conditional Prompt dependency issue




      I appreciate your help on the below OBIEE Analysis issue.


      I have a table with two columns. Here are the sample values







      I have two prompts in my dashboard based on above two table columns


      First Prompt choice list shows




      Now I would like make the second Prompt dependent on the first prompt only when 0 is selected in the first Prompt.


      when First Prompt value is 0 THEN second prompt will show only values "C,D" in the choice list

      when First Prompt value is 1 THEN second prompt will show all values "A,B,C,D" in the choice list


      I was trying to use FILTER using expression, but looks like I may have to make COL2 as MEASURE in the RPD even though it is not.


      Thank you for your help in advance.

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          Gianni Ceresa


          Strange requirement

          I suspect out of the box you don't have a magic checkbox for that, OBIEE can limit values of one field prompt based on another (or all others) prompt but that's always and not based on the value of the first.


          A possible dirty workaround if you really need that could be to split the prompt into 2. The first one set First prompt and define a presentation variable, in the second prompt you use a SQL to fill the list with the possible option and in the SQL you add a piece of logic using the presentation variable to achieve the logic you need.

          Of course this require the first prompt to be submitted or the presentation variable don't take the value ....

          Honestly it will be quite bad from a usability point of view, so not sure I would go down that way ....

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            are you tried LIMIT VALUES BY option dashborad column property.