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    OBIEE 12C RPD Upload error




      Recently we've upgraded from 11G to 12C, encountering an issue with RPD upload. Tried to upload the RPD and it keeps throwing below error. Confirmed Services are up and as well SSI is the instance name


      D:\Oracle_Home\user_projects\domains\bi\bitools\bin>data-model-cmd.cmd uploadrpd -I D:\Oracle_Home\bi\bifoundation\server\sample_12c.rpd -W XXXX -U User - P XXXXX -SI ssi

      Connection failed, the server processes may be down, the host name, port number,

      service instance, or protocol (http/https) may be incorrect. Please check serve

      r logs, such as bi-lcm-rest.log.0 and obis1-diagnostic.log..

      Anything i am doing wrong or any where i need to verify ?