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    Bar Graph issue in OBIEE


      Hello Team,


      I have facing issue in following scenario:


      A graph contains a bar chart which displays  the count based on month/year column which  is present in X axis of the graph.

      While navigating by clicking on any month of the graph for ex if clicking on June/2016  month

      In the second level page we are expecting to see the first date of June "01-jun-2016" in From Date column prompt and last date of  June "31-jun-2016"  in the To Date column of prompt ,which are present in 2nd level.

      Same is achievable in narrative view as we are able to give month/year column as a filter ,but not able to achieve those values in prompt because prompt is not able to identify month/year dynamically.

      I tried using the SQL query in default selection to get first date and last date of the month respectively,but dates are constant not changing dynamically based on click in the bar graph.


      Could anyone please help me on this.