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    Minus operation not working in obiee 11g prompt


      Hi friends,


      Im in obiee And in the prompt based upon the sql results im issuing the below query


      SELECT "Fact1-payroll"."Employee Number" FROM "8 - HR-Payroll"

      where "Fact1-payroll"."Period" = '@{v_from_period}{OCT-15}'


      SELECT "Fact1-payroll"."Employee Number" FROM "8 - HR-Payroll"

      where "Fact1-payroll"."To Period" = '@{v_to_period}{NOV-15}'


      But the prompt values are not showing up. Suppose in place of MINUS if i use UNION/UNION ALL/INTERSECT then the prompt values are appearing, but im not sure about the minus operation like why it is not working.


      Kindly help with a fix for this problem.


      Thanks in advance.