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    FDM to FDMEE


      Using the utility 1.1 and stuck with several issues executing the FDMC_extract_setup. Tried the previous version of the utility as well and still the same issues. Columns missing on the backend tables that I tried to create manually and moved to next steps. But, stuck at step #111 with ORA-12704 character set mismatch. It is a tedious query with several parameters for me to find the mismatch column. Did anyone run into this ? I have been waiting for Oracle to respond back to my ticket for over a week now and no movement. We are in a time crunch and trying to see alternatives. Do anyone have the steps to migrate it old fashioned way without the utility ? We are migrating from to Any help is much appreciated.

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          Where you are created columns manually in classic or FDMEE schema? If you are getting the error on target schema table, please check database table of target schema from  location

          C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\products\FinancialDataQuality\database\Common\Oracle folder whether tables are created properly in configuration.



          Madhu K

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            Francisco Amores

            Please can you attached:


            - utility log

            - screenshot of the ODI operator step failing (with details)

            - the query

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              Madhu, thanks for the sql location. This is helpful. I was manually adding the columns to the FDMEE schema.


              Francisco, I was fishing in your blog yesterday for some clue.I am hoping this reconfiguration resolves the issue. I was using one of the classic FDM app's (not being in use) schema. In my mind, it should've still created the required columns when reused !


              I am re-configuring FDMEE with a fresh new schema now. I will keep you posted. Thanks for the quick response and guidance. This community is much useful than the service requests.

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                I will be damned. All issues because of using an old FDM schema. Even though you say drop and recreate while configuration, it doesn't create the necessary columns in the necessary tables. I am moving forward to the data_extract step. Thanks for the responses.

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                  Anyone knows how to migrate the users and object maintenance from FDM to FDMEE ? I am not that familiar with FDM Hope there is an easier way.