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    biee12c Admin tool Can not connect to RPD occasionaly

    Jack Lu

      Hello gurus,


      In the em , all of the biee12c component are all runing well, and i can login the analytics and do query, everything is ok. But i can't use Admin tool to connect the rpd, get errors :

      nQSError:37001 Can not connect to Bi server instance

      nQSError:12017 read from socket timeout, : network(firewall) stop the connect

      nQSError:12008 can not connect to ipaddress( on port 9514

      but after i restart the bi server component,

      i can use admintool connect to rpd. But after one  day, i can't connect to RPD , on the em everything is ok,and the analytics is ok too.

      It's really wired ,  Does anyone know why?