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    Facing issue while cloning application tier in EBS 12.2


      Hi All,

      One of my CT is facing below issue.
      Please review and any help would be appreciated.


      CT had Grid Architecture at database level.

      Although SCAN listener is supported, if scan_name resolves in DNS to IP1 and IP2, the client side 10.1.2 network code does not use round robin on the underlying IPs if the first IP fails.
      An AutoConfig solution for this is being tracked through bug 10427234. The only existing workaround is to create custom TNS aliases configured with multiple SCAN IP addresses. 

      After configuring custom TNS aliases with multiple SCAN IP addresses , We are facing below issue while cloning the application tier.

      The clone apply gets finished at run file system . The autoconfig gets failed as it is not able to connect to database tier with tnsnames.ora create by clone scripts.
      Rerunning the autoconfig will generate right tnsnames.ora with proper connection string then we are proceeding with clone of patch file system