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    JDBC connection in page constructor


      Hello Experts,


      My app has 2 jsp pages the login page and the main page with multiple tabs in it which is the entire app.

      In the main page i have to connect to the database to get the allowed user tabs so i put a jdbc connection method and called it in the constructor of the mainpage ... then i binded each tab's disabled parameter to a variable in the mainpage.java.

      Now it works fine when the page loads it gets the allowed tabs and disables the rest.


      The problem is that every time i click on a tab or open a panel box inside a tab that method in the constructor is invoked which couses the entire app to crash ... it gives me a PoolLimitSQLException error after going through the components a couple of times.


      When i remove it from the constructor everything just runs fine.


      Would you please tell me where exactly did i went wrong here and how should i fix it.


      Thanks for your time.