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    Does Archive file works in lower versions


      Hi, i have archived some catalog files(Reports, Dashboards, prompts) from 11_7.16XXXX version into my desktop. but because of some issues we rolled back to 11_7.14XXXX version. Currently i dont have unarchive access to test latest version catalog files in lower verion. i would like to know if those catalog files will work in lower version? or do i need to do anything to get those work?

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          Christian Berg

          Havent tried those exact two but normally two bundle patches so close together arent a big issue.


          Seriously just do it and see what happens, thats what we do ourselves. You dont try...you wont know...

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            Yes, if you dont have the same catalog versions, your oracle bi analytics applications cant do that, at least to me I try to desarchive catalog from obiee to, and the applications didnt allowe me to desarchive my catalog, however, I tried this:


            1. Take a Backup from both catalog versions.

            2. Change the Path of your catalog in the Enterprise Manager.

            3. Restart your BI, and lets check the results.


            I forced to check my catalog and i dindt have any problem.


            Note: This is not a official recommendation, and you have another version however, take a Backup, and try,


            Kind Regards,