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    Executing unit tests in Jenkins



      Is anyone here running unit tests in a Build/CI tool like Jenkins/Hudson?

      I am getting the error

      Connection not found: unit_test_repos

      I am testing it on my Windows7 PC with local installations of both SQL Developer and Jenkins. When I run:


      Call D:\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sdcli unittest -run -test -name MY_TEST -repo unit_test_repos -db my_user


      from command line it runs just fine: "Command Completed". But when I copy/paste the same line in Jenkins build step "Execute Win batch commmand" it fails with the above error.

      SQLDev connection unit_test_repos is "Basic" (no TNS, no nothing) with saved password.


      I am logged as a Windows domain user, so I even created the same user in Jenkins (using active_directory plugin) thinking that's the reason for Jenkins not recognising the connection, but no luck.

      I read that in the case of Jenkins running on separate build server SQLDev needs to be installed there too, but in my case everything is on the same machine.


      Any advices?

      Thank you