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    JDK9-EA build 121: modules -> BDB/je 5.0.104 com.sleepycat.je.utilint.JVMSystemUtils can't access sun.management.BaseOperatingSystemImpl


      Dear BDB/je developers,


      I suspect you already know this but in case not. In series 5 there is access to a class that is now no longer exported in the new jigsawed JDk9.


      java.lang.IllegalAccessException: class com.sleepycat.je.utilint.JVMSystemUtils cannot access class sun.management.BaseOperatingSystemImpl (in module java.management) because module java.management does

      not export sun.management to unnamed module


      Do you think there is a workarround? Or only by upgrading to the 6 series?


      It feels like this is actually a bug in jigsaw, looking very quickly at the bytecode only the public OperatingSystemMBean is used.

      If you agree would you like me to open a JDK  bug report or will you?






      Jerven Bolleman