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    Help Needed with Restricting Organization Code LOV in PO Shipping Form - EBS R12.1.3


      Hi All,


      We are using Oracls EBS R12.1.3. Our requirement is to change the LOV in the Purchase Order --> Shipments Screen --> Ship To Organization Code LOV so that the Organization contains only the Inventory Orgs to which the Logged-in User belongs. We have modified the LOV Query but still the modified LOV List is not appearing and the old List with all the Inventory Orgs is only appearing.The changes that we have done in Form Personalization is given below




      Trigger Event : WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE

      Trigger Object :

      Condition :

      Processing Mode : Only in Enter-Query Mode




      Seq : 10

      Type : Builtin

      Description : Create new Record Group

      Language : All

      Enabled : Checked

      Builtin Type : Create Record Group From Query

      Argument : SELECT ood.organization_code||'-'||ood.organization_name organization, ood.organization_code,'Item Revision',ood.organization_id from apps.org_organization_definitions ood,xxcustom_sec_tab xst

                       where ood.organization_code = xst.showroom_code and user_id = 1130

      Group Name : XX_ORGS_ITEM_WITH_REV


      Seq : 11

      Type : Property

      Description : LOV

      Language : All

      Enabled : Checked

      Object Type : LOV

      Target Object : ORGS_ITEM_WITH_REV

      Property Name : GROUP_NAME



      Request you to kindly have a look and let us know if we are missing something in our Form Personalization. Alos suggest if there is any other way through which we can achieve this one.


      Thank You,


      Guru Prasad