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    With EBS R12.2 - upgrade DB to -- or have to go to first?


      With EBS R12.2 it has come to my attention that it's not possible to upgrade from directly to DB.


      That DB upgrade requires AD/TXK 7, as per Doc ID 1926201.1 -- To upgrade to AD/TXK 7, one must apply patch 21114096 (as defined by the ETCC - Doc ID 1617461.1)


      From an Oracle SR:


      As per the bug 22895983 [https://bug.oraclecorp.com/pls/bug/webbug_edit.edit_info_top?rptno=22895983] , the patch 21114096 is no longer available as patch support for has now ended (as of 27th August 2015).


      The only options here then are to upgrade the database version to or ignore the missing patch (however, keep in mind ignoring the patch may result in hitting the bug at a later time with no current fix available. This would be done at your own risk).


      Is there information on this?  Or an official stance by Oracle?  Hopefully I'm misinterpreting all of this...