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    FNDWRR.exe open .ps (postscript) file as .zip only when file size >2k


      Dear Experts, maybe anyone faced in with following trouble?

      We have a concurrent program with PostScript result ouput format. We generate zip file and zip file is output for concurrent (file stored as oXXXXXX.out as usual on server).

      If its .out (really zip) file size more than 2k (2048 bytes) then (when we try to show output for concurrent) its opening by FNDWRR.exe as file with .zip extension (open/save dialog window), i.e. file name is: User_concurrent_program_name_DDMMRR.zip

      If file size less than 2k (2048 bytes) then its opening as file with .ps extension, i.e. file name is: User_concurrent_program_name_DDMMRR.ps

      Is there any settings (profile or other) for this limit size of 2k? We want always to have .zip while opening.


      PS Oracle eBS v.12.1.3