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    concurrent program scheduling parameter


      dear team,


      We a have requirement  to run procedure which has input parameter (p_submit) through concurrent program. We defined concurrent program with parameter(p_submit)


      This concurrent program is scheduled every 12 hours. Some times based on urgency it can be run adhoc.


      We need to pass concurrent program parameter p_submit value as adhoc if we run thru adhoc process or else  the value should be "schedule".


      Can you pls suggest how to do that.


      thanks in advance

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          If it's a parameter to the concurrent program then you just attach a value set to that parameter which contains two values:

          Adhoc, Scheduled


          Then when you submit your job ad-hoc you choose the Adhoc value, otherwise you choose the value Scheduled.


          If you want to be a bit more clever and ensure that a user can only submit with a value of adhoc then you will need to either use RBAC or create two separate responsibilities and secure the value set values accordingly on each. If you aren't already using RBAC I'd suggest the latter.