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    How to Display approval notification in homepage worklist in R12.1.1

    Echezona Obiora



      I know that in R12.2.2 which I have used and implemented, approval notifications and other notification for a user appears on the worklist of that user in his homepage such that once he logs in, he will see notifications awaiting his approval or that has been approved. But in R12.1.1, there is no such feature, instead you have to use workflow administrator to view the notifications. My questions is is there a way to get the worklist notification to appear on the homepage of the user in R12.1 either through application of a patch without updating the application. We dont want to update to R12.2.2 because of that but  if there is a patch that can help us achieve that in R12.1.1 without upgrading to R12.2, we would appreciate.


      For R12.1.1 users, please how do you do  this. Any help or information relating to this will be highly appreciated.