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    EBS Health Cleck EBS R12.1.3


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3

      OL 5.3


      I want to healthcheck our EBS with currently encounter performance issues.

      I see lots of healthcheck blogs, but I do not know which one is applicable to us.

      Is this link applicable? >> http://appsdbaclass.blogspot.com/2011/04/oracle-database-health-check-scripts_5816.html



      Kind regards,


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          Hi Jenna_C,


          You can check the below


          SRDC - EBS Applications Performance (Doc ID 1920979.1)

          Oracle E-Business Suite Performance Guide (Doc ID 1672174.1)

          E-Business Applications Performance Basic Skills Cookbook (Doc ID 1516355.1)



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            Hi Jenna


            Health Check can only check settings. The best way to validate a system is to have users test using data as this will also help capture possible functional bugs. For EBS, there are some Health Checks in the Oracle Diagnotics, i'm including details below. 

            Diagnostic Test Catalog for 12.1.3 and Above (Doc ID 1083807.1)
              -search for Health Check and you will find the different tests that are available. Doc have links to Installation doc if you need help with setting up Oracle Diagnostic to run the tests.

            bde_chk_cbo.sql - EBS initialization parameters - Healthcheck (Doc ID 174605.1)
              - this should be used to validate your DB parameters in relation to using DB with EBS. It checks the settings per requirements in DOC ID 396009.1.



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              Thanks ALL,


              When does running of AWR applicable?

              Our  issues are quite misleading

              The server has enough CPU and Memory but it hangs, even if there are enough free Mem and CPU.

              Kind regards,

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                A. Have you done analysis on whether these are particular jobs or just in general? Have you reviewed what other jobs were running at this time?

                E. Did you check how many active sessions you had vs how many you allow?

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                  Well, this could be particular because this happened every month end processing.

                  So all month end reports are the culprit, which are processing lots of data.

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                    Pravin Takpire

                    A. Multiple reported incidents from business users, of long-running jobs

                    --> Find out long running jobs. find out processing pattern, check if number of concurrent managers are sufficient , find out there execution plans for same, try to tune them.

                    Tuning can be done on Infra level ( like CPU/MEMORY/Storage) or tune the sql if possible.


                    B. Slow down in response time which are ruled out to be not related to network traffic

                    --> If not network traffic, then where are waiting points, where is resource crunch (memory, CPU or bad storage)


                    C. No housekeeping jobs available for application logs, database logs, mail logs
                    --> Decide on number of days for which you want to keep data/log. run purge concurrent log/out files. always have cron jobs in place to backup and rotate logs. Write scripts to monitor file growths and have alerting setup in place.


                    D. Resource contention errors encountered during peak periods of all companies since they share the same database resources

                    --> Again tune the process, resource with Budget and targets in mind


                    E. Reports received from users that they are unable to log-in to the system  especially during peak periods.  Workaround solution is to bounce the servers.

                    --> Again find out the root cause and resolve that issue.


                    all the solutions are there with you, just use the proper tools



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                      Hi ALL,


                      How to check > How many active sessions you had vs how many you allow?



                      Kind regards,