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    Mobile Apps for Oracle EBS


      Hello All,


      How do we implement "Mobile Apps" in a typical ebs R12.1.3 instance, supporting Oracle Financials?


      I have just started gathering information on this subject, and to begin with thought of posting it here. Appreciate your feedback.




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          Hi Craig...

          You don't specify which financials module you are needing, but maybe these links will help....I'm assuming you mean Mobile apps as in smartphones...keep in mind Oracle also has an actual module called Mobile apps that is something completely different (MSCA - Mobile Supply Chain Applications, which runs on handheld scanners for warehouse inventory scanning...completely different but if your company uses both just saying 'mobile' could get confusing depending on you are talking to)


          Oracle Mobile Procurement for Oracle E-Business Suite Release Notes (Doc ID 1928462.1)

          Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps, Release 12.1 and 12.2 Documentation Index (Doc ID 1641772.1)


          You don't say what type of area you support, but several areas of our technical team had to do most of the work, applying the patches and getting the networking/vpn side of things to work, so I can't talk to that.  I support the Purchasing team functionally and technically...the main issue I had was some of our workflows were customized and the patches overwrote our customizations, as well as some functionality with releases, and then lots of testing to make sure everything worked and getting the app to d/l and install/run properly on the users' devices.  Also if you are interested in using this for purchasing also, releases aren't supported with the app, only Requisition, SPO and BPO approvals will show.



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            Hello Janel,


            Thanks for the update.


            I am presently referring to the below documentation from Oracle, to have a preliminary understanding on how to achieve it. I will get back to your questions sooner or later.


            Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Foundation Release Notes (Doc ID 1642431.1)

            Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps, Release 12.1 and 12.2 Documentation Index (Doc ID 1641772.1)