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    Issue with Between condition in GO URL


      Dear colleagues!



      I want to prepare test automation environment based on MS Excel. I want to generate a GO URL to a certain report with some filters set, then to download a data and make my checks. Everything works fine except BETWEEN condition. I met at least two problems. My testing report contains a prompt with a *"Year Month"* field with a list of strings of 'MMM YYYY' format (e.g., Apr 2015). I generate an URL with a dates in a format specified (example is shortened and CR/LFs were added):







      Problem #1:

      When I open the generated link in IE I can see that all prompts are set as I told in a URL, but there's no data in a report. OK, just to be sure I press Apply button and voilas, there are data in a report! That leads to impossibility to use this feature as I can't make an Apply click in automation testing and Excel receives an empty report (which is not right). I tried different data formats, but as this field is of string type all other formats I checked are not read and gives an errors or NO DATA.


      Problem #2:

      Sometimes with some FROM-TO dates combinations I can see a report, but it is shown like it is between FROM and eternity (or at least a last date in my dates dictionary).


      I checked this on two different server environments but it works in same way on both.


      Version - Oracle® Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Help 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) data is taken from OLAP


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          Seems that when I use strings directly, something foes wrong. I have to use different notation, like





          &val4="[Dim bla-bla3].[<Year%20Month Decriptor ID>].&[201501]"+"[Dim bla-bla3].[<Year%20Month Decriptor ID>].&[201504]"


          In this case not strings are being compared, but string IDs. In my case "Jan 2015" < "Apr 2015", so no data returned. After putting data into fields and manual press on Apply button OBIEE already uses IDs instead of strings. Wow.