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    How do you manage EBS Public Login?


      Hi ALL,


      EBS R12.1.3

      OL 5.3


      We have and EBS module that allows public login to do transactions with us.

      Our issue now  is that there are lots of public users that has slow internet access and does not disconnect or logoff properly after use.

      Sometimes when their process is slow they abort it which leave runaway process and other users can not login anymore.


      If we do the following:

      1. Created a  public user (i-supplier) in apps named PUB-USER then add respective responsibility , then  grant it to public users.

      2. Then lots of public users login to it and does not disconnect.

      Does apps-user login corresponds to a database user login? So if I have 1,000 users login to PUB-USER, does this mean I also will have 1,000 database APPS processes?

      Does this cause maximum process exceeded error?




      Kind regards,