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    ipnat question




      I have 3 servers (A, B and C) with IP address, and respectively.


      I want to have all requests on server A for server B going to server C.

      My server A is a Solaris 11.3 but it can be a Solaris 10 or previous version of Solaris 11.


      example :


      has to go to


      Same for any port, any request (SQL, Solaris, http, ...).


      I modified /etc/ipf/ipnat.conf several times but nothing is working.

      Does somebody have a clear procedure on what to perform, step after step, to have it working ?


      Do I have to activate IP forwarding ? routeadm ? ndd ?


      Do I have to modify /etc/ipf/ipf.conf file as well ?


      In ipnat.conf, do I have to configure one line with "rdr", "map" both ?


      Some help would be grandly appreciated !


      Best regards.