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    Autoconfig completed with errors


      Hello Gurus,


      I am getting below error when i run autoconfig. Users cannot login the application. Users get error 500 ....

      But what i have noticed is autoconfig tried creating a new dbc called erp_test.dbc instead of using TEST.dbc


      creating the DBC file...

      Application server ID already exists for this host - loading..

      ADD executed successfully - /d02/apps/PROD/inst/apps/TEST_erp/appl/fnd/12.0.0/secure/erp_test.dbc



      Updating Server Security Authentication

      java.sql.SQLException: Invalid number format for port number

      Database connection to jdbc:oracle:thin:@host_name:port_number:database failed

      Updating Server Security Authentication failed with exit code 1

      Restoring DBC file from backed up location /d02/apps/PROD/inst/apps/TEST_erp/appltmp/TXK/TEST_Thu_Jun_16_10_31_2016.dbc


      adgendbc.sh ended at Thu Jun 16 10:31:15 UTC 2016


      adgendbc.sh exiting with status 1


      .end std out.


      Please help!!!