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    FRM-93652: Runtime Process Terminated Abnormally




      We are using a Forms 12c environment with OAM and SSO. When we attempt to run the default Form that comes with the Forms installation, it runs without errors if ssomode=false. Once we change ssomode to true or webgate, then we receive FRM-93652: The runtime process has terminated abnormally. Contact your system administrator.


      The diagnostic logs give further detail:

      [2016-06-20T13:31:39] [WLS_FORMS] [INCIDENT_ERROR] [FRM-91292] error in runtime process: invalid initial message from Java client

      [2016-06-20T13:31:39] [WLS_FORMS] [ERROR] [FRM-93657] Runtime process 41748 is terminating due to exception c0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION).

      [2016-06-20T13:31:39] [WLS_FORMS] [ERROR] [FRM-93652] The runtime process has terminated abnormally.


      We have this same setup on our development server and it works fine. We must have forgot to do something on the production server. Any ideas?


      Forms 12.2.1

      Windows Server 2012 r2

      Java 1.8_52