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    Problem to hide the 'Request More Information' link in the workflow notifications



      I followed the steps from oracle Doc ID 3022214.1 to customize the workflow "WFMAIL (System Mailer)".   Here is the steps:


      - Open the workflow builder.

      - Get connected to the database.

      - Open your workflow.

      - Open the workflow process in which we want remove this link.

      - Expand: Messages in this process.

      - Goto appropriate message of the notification.

      - Do right click and select 'New Attribute'.

      - Enter the following data:

      1. Internal Name: #HIDE_MOREINFO

      2. Display Name: Request Information

      3. Description: Request Information

      4. Value: Y.

      - Click APPLY.

      - Save the workflow process definition into the database and test.



      However, it just still show me the response link in the PO approval email.   Can anybody kindly help me?  Anything I missed?   Thanks a lot.   Our current EBS version is 12.2.5.