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    How to improve response times when getting the first n results of an analysis via the XMLViewService


      Hi Everybody,


      I created an analysis in Obiee 11 which results I consume with an external client using the "Oracle BI EE XMLViewService Presentation Service" (see:https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/bi.1111/e16364/methods.htm#BIEIT335).


      To be precise I'm not using the XMLViewService directly. Instead, I send my requests to a RESTful API which then translates them to a XMLViewService compliant request and sends them off to Obiee. Once the data arrives from Obiee it gets re-routed back to my client application.


      When executing these requests I noticed the following behavior:


      When the first n records of the report are requested it takes around 8 seconds for the request to be successful. However, when the subsequent n records are loaded using the resumption token returned from the initial request it takes under 2 seconds for the results to arrive.

      I suppose this due to the facet that the initial request also triggers the analysis to run for the first time and to produce the results, whereas at the time of the subsequent requests the results have already been created and thus everything goes faster. Am I right with this assumption.

      And is there a way to speed up the response times of the initial request as well, maybe by triggering the analysis to run once a day and cache its results?

      Any help would be highly appreciated.

      With best regards, Matthias