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    Migration using Sqldeveloper




      I want to migrate a MS Access db migrate to Oracle using the tool in sqldeveloper.


      I have watched/read several tutorials and discussions.


      In each of these, whenever the pop-up where you choose the third party product to migrate from, they all show i.a. Access on a second tab.


      However, I only get an Oracle Tab.


      The sqldeveloper version is


      In the features section under Tools, the MS Access migrations is active


      Please give me advice how to make sure that I can get access to the MS Access migration tab.





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          Jim Smith

          Access Migration relies on the JDBC-ODBC bridge.  The JDBC-ODBC was removed in Java 8 and since SQLDeveloper 4.1.3 requires Java 8, Access Migration  is no longer available.


          If you downgrade to a SQLDeveloper version which uses JDK 7 you should see the Access connection tab.


          I'm not sure exactly when the Java 8 requirement was introduced, but I'm fairly sure 4.0 uses JDK 7