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    Couldn't connect to database using sqlplus


      When I opened (loaded) the application web page , I got this error:  Error connecting to database PROD: ORA-10


      I checked the applications it was up except the concurrent manager.

      I checked the listener it was up

      I checked the database , it was down...

      So i tried to bounce the apps and database


      1-Shut down the applications

      2-Attempted to stop the listener, then I got the following error:

      lsnrctl: error while loading shared libraries: libclntsh.so.10.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64



      While cannot connect to database using sqlplus. Coming up with the following error in a trace file even though proper permission are set:

      error 7274 detected in background process

      ORA-07274: spdcr: access error, access to oracle denied.

      Linux-x86_64 Error: 13: Permission denied


      I have set the permission of "oracle" but got the following error:

      SP2-0642: SQL*Plus internal error state 2165, context 4294967295:0:0

      Unable to proceed


      Know that I have sourced the environmental variables before using lsnrctl and sqlplus