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    Smart router in Jena API




      I would like to use the smart router feature in the new Apache Jena Adapter version. The announcement describes how to turn it on in joseki/fuseki, but is it possible to use it just with Jena APIs.


      Is a javadoc for the Jena adapter available somewhere, or Java sources?


      Best regards,


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          Hello Michal,


          It is possible indeed. To use the smart router using just Support for Apache Jena (previously known as Jena Adapter) APIs you will need a DatasetGraph for third party evaluation (Apache Jena's In Memory) and a DatasetGraphOracleHybrid for Oracle DB evaluation and smart router management:


          // A common graph with a DB Connection

          GraphOracleSem graph = new GraphOracleSem(oracleConnection, modelName);

          // Basic graph for third party (in memory) evaluation

          DatasetGraph dsg = DatasetGraphFactory.createMem();

          // Hybrid dataset

          DatasetGraphOraleSem dsgHybrid = DatasetGraphOracleHybrid.createFrom(



                               true,    // Boolean value. Whether populate third

                                        // party dsg or not when created

                               2,       // Integer value. Dop for SQL reading

                               1000000  // Long value. Max number of quads allowed

                                        // in memory


          // A wrapped dataset on which you can work

          Dataset myDataset = DatasetImpl.wrap(datasetHybrid);

          // Now you can use your dataset as always and the smart router will be

          // switching, at run time, between in-memory execution and in-database

          // execution.

          String query = "SELECT ?s ?p ?o WHERE {?s ?p ?o}";

          QueryExecution qexec = QueryExecutionFactory.create(query, myDataset);

          try {

              ResultSet results = qexec.execSelect();

              ResultSetFormatter.output(System.out, results, ResultsFormat.FMT_RDF_NT);


          finally {







          The javadoc directory is included in the same Support for Apache Jena package kit.


          If you have an additional question, let us know.



          Miriam Mecate