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    Invoices - personalization (Header/Items)


      Hi there,


           I need to make the following check:

                - if D_SUM_FOLDER.VAT_CODE = '[constant]' in any of items then

                - make header field INV_SUM_FOLDER.ATTRIBUTE7 as REQUIRED + (optional: open INV_SUM_FOLDER block)


           I would like to do so at per header level but I don't know if it is possible to access document items and loop over them.

           I would also prefer not to use custom.pll's before save event.


           So far I've tried using on item triggers (validate-record), unfortunately:

           - not able to set REQUIRED property to TRUE  (FRM-41014 error)

           - not able to track whether entire document has at least one item with specified vat code, I can only work on current item


          Any suggestions welcome.


      Best Regards,