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    Testing for Deleted Files in portal.wwdoc_document$


      Hello everyone


      I have been asked to put together a page that lists the number of uploaded files and the space they occupy within a page and its sub-pages.  The query is written but I am still not absolutely clear how I should constrain it to show only files that are not in a Deleted state.


      IS_MARKED_FOR_DELETE=1 in portal.wwdoc_document$ seemed a likely first candidate, but seemingly only lists those files that are awaiting a Purge.


      So I suppose my question is how I'd pick up files that are deleted but not purged.  I am planning to embed this in an Application Express report for ad-hoc access so I can't depend upon a Purge being pending.


      Testing seems to suggest that a deleted file has DAV_ID = -1 (and gets a value > 1 when I Undelete) but is this the best test I can use?  Would IS_ACTIVE be a better choice?


      Any pointers/suggestions will be appreciated.