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    EBS slow

    Ibrahim Malek

      Dear all


      yesterday my PROD instance gave error 5000 and the apps server went down i've started it up successfully  but came up in blue colored dark i've fixed it as it was cash issue


      right now its slow a bit in handling the requests should i clean the concurrent manager?


      if yes please let me know how can i clean it without cmclean



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             Requests running slowly might not be related to Clean up of CM.


          • Run Gather Schema Stats for all Schemas with 10% estimate and make sure it is scheduled as per the requirement weekly or bi-weekly etc
          • Check AWR reports for overall DB performance and might give an insight into slow queries
          • Trace the concurrent requests if you have any specfic slow running requests
          • Check number of Managers defined in Work Shifts
          • CMCLEAN is useful for cleaning up the Concurrent Manager related processes